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What makes a Festivities Studio Invitation?





Festivities Studio believes outstanding design makes every celebration an event to remember. More than just an invitation, Festivities Studio provides a complete design experience allowing you to express your personal style and sentiment with a look that is exclusively yours.

All the work we do is completely personalized and one-of-a-kind, created especially for you and your individual occasion. We work with you to design the perfect representation of you and your event through close collaboration, high creative energy, and dedication.

How Do We Work Together?

Step One
Getting to Know Each Other

Each project begins with a consultation either in person or by phone. Our initial meeting is not only an opportunity to see samples from our collection of work, but it begins the process of getting to know you and your event.  Your invitation will be a reflection of your tastes, style and individual personality.

The design literally starts with a blank piece of paper and our conversations. Design is done to your specifications only. We begin by having you tell us all about your special occasion. What do you love most about your chosen location? What is your color or theme? What do your flowers look like? How did the two of you meet? Any little detail that will help us understand the dream that will become a reality on your important day.

We invite you to show us photos or tear sheets from magazines, bring fabric swatches from their bridesmaid dresses or color samples from event decor. Many clients just speak to us from their minds and hearts. Whatever it is that you have is great. We will be inspired by what ever you provide us.

During our consultation, we will brainstorm ideas, look at sample materials, and conceive a direction that will best suit your needs and vision. Once these are determined, a price quote is prepared based on your project requirements. This quote will identify quantities, all project elements, colors, materials and special details. This usually takes 3-5 days, but may vary depending on the complexity and scale of your project.


Step Two
Finalizing Practicals & Beginning Design Work

Once your project scope and budget have been agreed upon, we will document our understandings to you, identifying the total cost, deliverables, and time schedule for the project for your review and acceptance. With your acceptance, a deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required.

Design development and proofing begins, and materials orders are prepared following your acceptance.

Step Three
Design Development, Review & Approval

Festivities will provide you with interim proofs as the design develops to confirm both the look and the content of your project. You always have the opportunity to provide feedback and identify any changes you want to make up to the final version.

This process continues as we discuss you’re input and reaction. As changes are integrated into the design, revised versions are prepared and submitted to you for review and approval.

Once your approval is given, the approved version will be processed into a "Final Proof" for final sign off.

Step Four
Final Sign-Off  & Approval to Proceed with Printing

Before printing begins you will be given the "Final Proof".

At this time you will be asked to review and confirm that every detail is just as you want it: the layout, typestyle, spelling, days & dates, addresses, grammar and punctuation, etc.

If everything is in order, you will indicate your approval on the Final Proof and return it to us as your authorization to proceed to printing. Following your approval, Festivities Studio is not responsible for any errors or mistakes that may be later identified in the Final Proof.

Step Five
Going to Press

Once you have given final approval the project will go to production.

Our pledge to you is that no design will go to print until you are completely satisfied and have authorized us to proceed by your final approval.