Invitation Gallery

You will notice that in the custom design process, we will never refer to a Festivities “look”. That’s because we believe a truly “custom design” begins with you, your needs, your vision. This is a completely original process. You’re not picking something from our “line”, we’re creating your original invitation…together.

Our collaboration begins with our first conversation where we discuss your personal style, tastes, and overall vision for the celebration. Whether it's your wedding, a newborn child, or an important corporate event, Festivities Studio is here to create the perfect statement for your special occasion.

The process of transforming your needs and vision into an exciting reality starts with getting to know you and exactly what you wish to communicate about your special day. Once we share a general vision of your project, we will talk through the details.

Our conversation is a perfect opportunity to discuss your personal tastes together - so your invitation or announcement reflects your individuality down to every last detail. If it's your wedding, what is the style of your dress? What color are the bridesmaids wearing? What type of flowers have you selected? If it's the birth of your child, then what theme is baby's room? What colors or motifs have you chosen as decoration?

If you are just beginning your planning, the process is similar, but perhaps we’ll offer a few more questions and suggestions. We will work together with you, from whatever information you share, to develop a concept that you will recognize as perfect for your special event.

At Festivities Studio, our goal is to make the potentially overwhelming task of selecting the perfect invitation or announcement into an easy, stress-free and fun experience.